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Charting for Health

Empower Your Health

This course is designed to help you filter through the confusion about reproductive health and teach you how to track your health with confidence. Your body is an integrated whole, and imbalances in one system impact the rest. Tracking your reproductive hormone activity will give you insight into the health of your whole body. As a woman, your cycle is your fifth vital sign and gives you real-time information about the status of your health and hormones from head to toe. This course will help you learn to listen to your body in a new, tangible way. Graduates of this course will be empowered with information and health data that they can use as part of a medical work-up with a trained restorative reproductive medical provider. Get to the ROOT cause of the issues you are facing. You will learn the FEMM method of fertility awareness (a sympto-hormonal method) to track your cycle. This course is for you if... ✨ You are a woman age 18 years or older ✨ You are experiencing irregular cycles, heavy bleeding ✨ You have PCOS or have other health concerns ✨ You are looking for natural ways to heal your body ✨ You are transitioning off of birth control ✨ You need transformation in your health and medical care ✨ You just want to know how your body works If you are ready to take control of your health care decisions, take the first step! Chart your cycle, heal your hormones. Sign up now!

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