Module 1: Anatomy & Physiology 
Module 2: The Ovulation Cycle
Module 3: Your Brain & Your Cycle
Module 4: Using Chart Neo
Learning this module: 

The basics of female anatomy (4 minutes)

Your anatomy as a female is amazing. Your body uses hormones to direct all its activities, including your monthly cycle. Download the module notes after watching!  

Steps for preparing for your first live session with your educator:

Agree to our Hold Harmless agreement for this education program under the "Conditions and Terms" tab on your TrueFem account.


Download the Chart Neo app. Once you have an account, sign into your account on your desktop at to complete the health history form. 


Watch the pre-session videos prior to session one. It is important to complete this step in order to be prepared and ready for further instruction in the first session. You can save the Chart Neo instructional video until after your first session with an instructor. 


Module 1: Anatomy & Physiology 101