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Engaging young women in education about their bodies improves health outcomes and develops body awareness that supports a positive self esteem.

We believe educating teen women about the beauty of their feminine design is essential to cultivating healthy habits and self esteem.


TrueFem Teens who are empowered with this education can advocate for their health and have full appreciation for the

gift of their fertility. 


Start Young

Not sure what option is right for your teen? Contact us for guidance and to inquire about financial assistance.

The teenage years can difficult, but teens don't have to navigate them alone

The start of menstruation, social relationships and a changing body can be challenging without the right guidance. If you are an adult woman, consider what it would have been like if you had a mentor guiding you through the difficulties of puberty while building confidence in your body. Life changing, right?


TrueFem Teens offers education for teen girls ages 9-18. We believe body literacy for teen women is essential for building positive body image and confidence. Through our partnership with Ashwood FertilityCare, we offer age appropriate education that spans the adolescence years. 

Education Programs

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Girls 9-15

Education by Ashwood Fertility

TrueFem is partnered with Ashwood FertilityCare to provide body literacy education for young girls. Learn more about this virtual option by visiting the website:

Charting Health for Young Women (Ages 9-15)

This is an online Mother/Daughter course delivered virtually in a

6-week format but can be customized for mothers to guide their daughters through puberty, adolescence and womanhood. This program is best suited for Young Women (ages 9-15).


Young women will start with a simple chart during this program. Participants can transition to TrueFem charting education at 16 years old.

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Group Learning

Lectures and Workshops

TrueFem can partner with your organization to provide lectures or educational series on a variety of topics for co-ed audiences. Contact us for custom educational offerings.

TrueFem Education for girls (ages 16-18)

The TrueFem Teen virtual program is a condensed version of the adult program that focuses on key themes and concepts that apply to adolescent women. 

Session 1 covers anatomy and physiology, an introduction to hormones and how to chart biomarkers. Session 2 dives deeper into hormones and the physiology of ovulation, the central event of the cycle.


Two follow-up sessions will cover chart review, cycle health recommendations and medical referral if indicated. 

Teen Education through lectures and workshops

TrueFem can partner with your group or organization to offer custom lectures and presentations. Youth groups, schools, and other youth organizations can benefit from our co-ed offerings. 

Examples of educational topics include: anatomy and physiology of men and women, sexually transmitted infections, biology of decision making, lifestyle choices for healthy hormones, and more!

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Girls ages 15*-18

Education by TrueFem

This program includes the option for live learning via Zoom or on-demand learning that is self-paced.

Both options receive ongoing
support from a TrueFem nurse! 

TrueFem Education for girls (ages 15*-18)

The TrueFem Teen program is a condensed version of the adult program that focuses on key themes and concepts that apply to adolescent women. It is available both on-demand or live online with a TrueFem educator. *15-year-olds with established cycles may participate. 

The online, on-demand program includes self-paced modules that teens can complete at their own pace. The live program consists of 3 live education sessions. Once complete, teens and their guardian can schedule live follow-ups included in each program with a TrueFem educator that will include chart review, cycle health recommendations and medical referral if indicated. Instructions for accessing the course will be provided via email after purchase in full. 

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I can't believe I didn't get this information growing up. I'm so happy my daughter is learning about her body so she can feel more comfortable talking to me about it. What a blessing!

Joan M. | Mother of a TrueFem Teen participant

What people are saying

As the directors of religious education at a Catholic Church, my wife Lauren and I partnered with TrueFem to enhance our Theology of the Body curriculum.  After three presentations, we realized that we were truly blessed to have a resource in Sarah.  Her knowledge and professionalism on the subject were of the highest quality.  She has a true gift when it comes to teen interaction.  Her preparation and professionalism were instantly recognized by the kids and it gained their true respect and trust immediately.  It was obvious to our teens that she has a passion not only for her area of expertise but for our youth.  TrueFem is a beacon of light in our society that is in need of the truth in the area of reproductive health.

Shannon Smith, Director of Religious Education at St. Matthew's Church, Kalispell

When I was in high school, my friends and I referred to our periods as “the disease”.  It wasn’t until I was married and trying to start a family that I leaned otherwise.  As a mom with 5 daughters, I want them to  understand and embrace their feminine genius as I have learned.  I began praying for and seeking ways to instruct my two oldest daughters once they began menstruating.  At exactly the same time, Sarah began TrueFem and reached out to me.  I immediately scheduled instruction for my daughters and me. Sarah is extremely relatable, professional and now a role model for my girls. We are all so grateful for the empowerment that has come with this level of self knowledge.  I have felt a stronger bond with my daughters since we met with Sarah whereby we can talk about this delicate topic matter-of-factly and not as taboo.  I recommend TrueFem to all mom’s with daughters!

Cristy G., Mother of TrueFem Teens

This information is for educational and informational purposes only and solely as a self-help tool. You should not use this information to diagnose or treat any health problems or illnesses without consulting your own medical practitioner. Always seek the advice of your own medical practitioner and/or mental health provider about your specific health situation. For the full Disclaimer, please click here. 

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