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Period problems? Lab work that should be evaluated

Here’s the thing… Not all lab value reference ranges are equal.

Often women are told they are within normal ranges, but they still have symptoms and they don’t feel well. And their cycles might be problematic despite “within range” lab values.

With the FEMM method of fertility education and medical management, the lab value ranges used are based on the latest evidence-based research when it comes to reproductive endocrinology. The lab value reference ranges are often narrower within the FEMM medical management protocols. This allows for proper diagnosis and tighter management of reproductive issues and concerns that women have.

The areas that often need a deep dive in assessment for women experiencing menstrual disorders (from an endocrinology standpoint) are prolactin, androgen, insulin and thyroid imbalances (think: PAInT). These culprits largely contribute to the reproductive disorders that women experience as period problems and ovulation dysfunction.

Please consult your medical doctor as this is not medical advice. 🥼

🙌🏻If you are looking for a restorative reproductive medical specialist, check out the FEMM tele health website. They are licensed in all 50 states, so there is a provider to see anyone who is in need of restorative medical care!

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