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Estrogen & Progesterone

The following is a public service announcement for women and the medical establishment....


If you follow TrueFem, you will hear this all the time. Allow us to explain in this mini-physiology series why it's important to ovulate.

Hormones work like dominoes to cause the event of ovulation. If one hormone is not adequate or working properly, then it will have an impact on all the hormone activity downstream.

We can see this very clearly when tracking hormones largely produced in the reproductive system (estrogen + progesterone). Believe it or not, you can reliably track these hormones in a variety of different ways using fertility awareness-based methods of cycle tracking.

During the first half of the ovulation cycle, estrogen takes center stage as a result of a dominant follicle growing inside the ovary. The follicle houses an egg that is maturing in preparation for ovulation and potential fertilization (aka eviction from the ovary!).

After ovulation, progesterone is the main hormone produced (with a bit of estrogen as well) by the empty follicle called the "corpus luteum."

Did you know that estrogen and progesterone have a HUGE impact on the health of your whole body and your energy/mood over the course of your cycle? We will post more on this coming up.

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