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Hormonal Contraceptives - what's the risk?

Let’s highlight a really important point brought to light by fertility awareness guru @fertilityfriday in her book, “The Fifth Vital Sign.” (🙌🏻This is a shameless plug for excellent holiday reading!) This excerpt is really striking because this fact is rarely communicated when hormonal contraceptives are prescribed. It’s possible most prescribers don’t even realize this: “HC’s directly affect your CM production. They stimulate your cervical crypts to produce G-type mucus… [which forms] a mucus plug inside your cervical canal, creating a barrier to sperm. Unfortunately, by overstimulating your G cervical crypts, HCs accelerate the natural aging process of your cervix over time (p. 158).” “Consider for a moment the compound effect of long-term HC use and aging. If you take His for 15 years, not only are they negatively affecting your cervical crypts and their ability to produce mucus, but you’re also 15 years older than you were before (p. 158).” WOW. If women knew this when prescribed hormonal #contraceptives (not just for avoiding #pregnancy, but to “treat” #periodproblems as well), how many would actually accept this outcome readily? Informed consent means women have all the facts informing their decision making process - the good, the bad, the risks - EVERYTHING up front in a non-coercive presentation. Unfortunately, in the women’s health today, women have to be their own advocates much of the time. Education is power. Learn the facts - you may find yourself needing to educate your own care provider. For full citations on the research references, see citation list for chapter 11 in “The Fifth Vital Sign.” #birthcontrol @businessofbirthcontrol #contracpetives #naturalcycles #ovulation #femmhealth #chartyourcycle #Cervicalmucus #womenshealth #informedconsent #obgyn


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