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Overlooked Causes of Infertility

Ovulation is a sign of health.

Optimizing fertility means optimizing your health.

Your body was designed to be fertile, regardless of desired intention for pregnancy or not.

When you track your fertility, you can see whether or not you are likely ovulating. Why is this important?

Ovulation is a fine-tuned process. It takes a lot of hormonal coordination to make ovulation occur every cycle.

Systemic imbalances in hormone function across body systems can cause disruption or dysfunction in ovulation.

If ovulation is NOT happening, there is a reason!

This is usually very apparent to women struggling with infertility - there is an ovulatory dysfunction, and the cause needs to be found.

The FEMM approach to treating hormone problems and infertility involves extensive endocrine investigation including 12 different lab markers that looks at systemic hormone function.

It is common that elevated prolactin, elevated insulin and imbalanced thyroid hormones are underlying causes of hormone impairment.

Regardless of if you’re trying to achieve or not, these common hormone imbalances contribute to poor health outcomes.

Restoring healthy ovulation means restoring healthy hormone function regardless of fertility goals.

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