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You don't have to wait with TTC.

Women who are trying to conceive are told by the traditional medical community to try for one year before consulting a doctor about potential infertility. This timeframe drops to 6 months if a woman is over 35.

Has this been your story?

This advice is based off fecundability probabilities, or the chances of a woman conceiving on a given cycle.

However, it’s easier said than done for some women to spontaneously have intercourse hoping for a pregnancy on any given cycle.

The two week wait is filled with anxiety.

Without knowledge about their fertility, women don’t feel #empowered in the process.

Women lacking empowerment often feel powerless in their fertility journey.

Many of the amazing women we work with navigating a season of #infertility have told us time and again that a lack of knowledge about their bodies means they stumble along the traditional health care track, from one specialist to another, feeling overwhelmed along the way.

Luckily, this is not the only option.

Women who learn how to chart their cycles, interpret their hormone activity, and become aware of the many ways their body is communicating using symptoms are IN CONTROL of their health care decision.


They learn a deeper form of SELF LOVE.

Women who chart, regardless of their fertility goals (achieving OR avoiding OR simply for health) can proactively optimize their health and hormones.

You do not need to wait for help if you’re struggling. You can drive your health care decisions when you’re empowered with knowledge of your fertility.

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