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What is the FEMM method?

There are a number of fertility awareness based methods (FABMs) that utilize different female biomarkers to track fertility as an alternative to hormonal birth control. TrueFem educators utilize the FEMM fertility care program (Fertility Education & Medical Management). It is a comprehensive women’s health program that:

  • teaches women to understand their bodies and how to recognize hormonal and other vital signs of health.

  • provides women with support through its free FEMM Health App to help women track their health and reproductive goals.

  • provides accurate medical testing and treatment based on new research and medical protocols.

  • continues to conduct research to provide women with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments for their health.

  • offers training to individuals so that they can teach FEMM health tracking to women and training to medical professionals in the FEMM methods and protocols.

FEMM understands the central role of reproductive endocrinology in the management of women’s health. The goal of using FEMM is to empower women in the achievement of their health and reproductive goals by helping them gain a better understanding of their biology and monthly cycles. FEMM physicians can provide a comprehensive physical and lab workup to diagnose and treat the root causes of health conditions.

Why does TrueFem teach the FEMM method for fertility tracking?

Though there are many different methods of tracking fertility, the FEMM method is the most user-friendly and educationally empowering program that exists. FEMM offers a comprehensive, integrated women’s health program. The FEMM educational program teaches women about their monthly cycles and the important role it plays in their overall health.The FEMM app makes it easy to manage, track, and understand health and fertility. FEMM invests in ongoing research and medical education to bring the best and most up-to-date knowledge to women and their doctors.

FEMM collaborates with the Reproductive Health Research Institute (RHRI) to develop medical protocols that are science and evidence based, and to standardize the latest advances in foundational and clinical research.

FEMM's integrated program makes it possible to get all the help and information you need in one place. Medical protocols provide an accurate diagnosis and treatment of hormonal imbalances, fertility issues and related problems, not just management or suppression of symptoms. TrueFem educators use the FEMM method to help you get the health care you deserve. All women regardless of age and race benefit from learning FEMM.

I've been working with TrueFem to learn the FEMM method and I've been referred for medical management - what does FEMM medical management offer me?

If medical management is indicated for TrueFem clients, the following services by a trained FEMM physician can be referred:

  • general wellness checks, including routine exams and Pap smears.

  • accurate diagnosis and treatment for infertility, menopause, thyroid dysfunction, migraines, depression, weight gain, fatigue, pain, PMS, PCOS, endometriosis and acne.

  • FEMM Medical Protocols that assess over 10 hormones, a woman’s clinical history, and cycle data, in order to diagnose and treat the underlying causes of symptoms.


Source Credit: FEMM Health & WomensHealth.Gov

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