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Reproductive Education

& Fertility Care 

TrueFem is empowering women of all ages to 

be informed participants in their health care

Sarah Rolfing 

"I started TrueFem because

women need to know they can

make informed health care choices,

improve their overall well-being, and strengthen their relationships with knowledge of their fertility."

TrueFem Founder, Registered Nurse & FEMM Educator 

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Sarah Rolfing, RN, BSN
TrueFem Founder & Educator 


We help women, from adolescence to menopause, make sense of their reproductive health and hormones.

Every day your body is trying to communicate clues as to whether or not it is functioning at its best.

Learning to read those signs is one of the most empowering ways to advocate for your health and wellness.


Fertility Care Education
Sessions & Group Learning


Education Sessions

One-on-one meetings for individuals, couples and teens. Virtual options available!


Sign up for a program that helps you optimize health and/or manage your fertility goals.

Workshops & Presentations

Short, interactive session for small groups, teens, parents and organizations desiring to know more about reproductive health and empowering health care solutions 
for women of all ages.


Client Testimonials


Sarah is amazing! I think this education is invaluable, and an incredible gift and a great deal.


I learned so much about my body I didn’t even know was going on. It’s also helped to show me how much of a balance system our bodies are and how I can better care for it.


This experience has been so amazing and there have been so many resources provided. 

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TrueFem is based in
Kalispell, MT and offers virtual services.

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