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Individualized + Virtual

Live Education Starts Here


Request your free, 15-minute consultation appointment below! 


Purchase a program. See our programs page for learning options tailored to fit your needs. 


Schedule your first education session following instructions from your onboarding email. You will receive instructions on which session to schedule once you purchase your program.


Start learning! Each time you meet with your educator, you will be guided on appropriate scheduling for subsequent education sessions to ensure you have adequate time to practice what you learn!  

Some sessions can be booked separately
from a program including custom sessions and follow-ups. 

The Learning Process:
The more you learn, the more empowered you will become.

This education is for every women. If you are simply interested in learning about hormones, or have specific fertility goals, there is a TrueFem program for you. For online, self-paced courses, view the available options here.

All one-on-one sessions with an educator must be purchased
as part of a complete program (see
program page). However, additional follow-ups may be booked separately. 

Teen programs are for women ages 9-18. We offer live instruction online and an on-demand, self-paced course for young women ages 15-18. Explore these programs, and visit our TrueFem Teens page for more information about teen education.   

Reach out to us if you are experiencing financial hardship so we can make this education available to you. 

Overview of the Full Adult Education Program
Program Timeline.png
A few logistics as you get started: 
  • One-on-one sessions allow us to tailor the instruction to fit your needs and provide recommendations that align with your goals.  

  • Payments are handled electronically 

  • Current clients can expect email response to questions or inquiries within 24 hours. 

  • Session appointments can be scheduled online.

  • If you can't find a time that works for you, please reach out to us so we can accommodate you.

Whether you are single, a teenager, married, experiencing infertility– you name it– we will work with you to get you one step closer to your best, healthy self! Email us with any questions before you get started. 

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