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Estrogen: The Female Friend

Here it is again: OVULATION IS A SIGN OF HEALTH! 🤯

Periods may get the more attention in the traditional medical community because of the issues women experience around pain, bleeding, etc.

However, ovulation is an essential function that anyone of reproductive age needs to experience regularly, whether or not pregnancy is the intention.

Consistent ovulation is the main producer of sufficient levels of estradiol (the most potent form of estrogen) and progesterone - the two main female sex hormones.⁠

Note that biological estrogen is NOT the same as the synthetic estrogen in many forms of hormonal birth control (which does not promote the same benefits to health).

While these hormones are known for their role in the menstrual cycle and reproduction, they actually play significant roles throughout the entire body. Let’s chat about #estrogen in particular, which promotes:

☑️ Brain - estrogen acts like miracle grow for neurons, promoting learning and memory

☑️ Senses - estrogen increases sensitivity to smells & increases environmental awareness (including awareness of the opposite sex!)

☑️ Bones - low estrogen is associated with bone-density issues

☑️ Heart - heart disease is inked to low estrogen

☑️ Vagina - estrogen supports vaginal microbiome diversity⁠

☑️ Skin and hair - estrogen plays a crucial role in skin thickness, firmness, elasticity and hydration and hair follicle health.

☑️ Energy - energy levels increase during the follicular phase of the cycle when estrogen is dominant.

If you are not ovulating on a regular basis, your overall health is impacted.

You could learn more about this working with a TrueFem educator!

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