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PMS... Is it "Normal?"

We get asked this a lot by women. Is PMS normal? “I feel like scratching my partner’s face off.” “My kids’ voices sound like nails on a chalk board. I’m so impatient with them.” “I can’t sleep well and have insomnia.” “I feel anxious and depressed and not interested in intimacy.” “My boobs hurt for a week leading up to my period. And I get bad headaches frequently.” Let’s rephrase the question… SHOULD PMS BE NORMALIZED? The answer is of course NO! So many women are told PMS is normal, that they just need to “work on being in control.” This is not good medicine. PMS is a symptom, not a diagnosis. A period is a result of ovulation and happens as hormone levels fall toward the end of the cycle. The uterine lining sloughs of as a result of hormone decline. This is a normal process. However, imbalanced hormone activity or poor hormone production in the second half of the cycle can contribute to PMS symptoms. Is it normal to have *MILD* mood changes or very mild pre-menstrual body symptoms within three days of menstruation? Yes. Symptoms that occur greater than 3 days before the start of a period that impact life need evaluation. There are providers trained to take your symptoms seriously and treat the root cause. Don’t settle for less. Chart your cycle, #heal your #hormones 🫶🏼 #fertilityawareness #periodproblems #hormones #hormonebalance #PMS #ovulation #chartyourcycle #cyclecharting #balance #anxiety #depression #mentalhealth #femalecycle #wellnessjourney

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